August 2017

James L. Williams Middle East: Big Interview – MEP Middle East.
Mr. Ramy Boufarhat, Chief Operating Officer of JLW ME, is featured in August 2017 edition of MEP Middle East Magazine (Vol. 12, Issue 08). He shares his views on how his company is meticulous in its design and build approach as well as some of the strategies deployed by the company. Read more

13 March 2012

Pixel outperforms the world in environmental HVAC excellence.
James L. Williams, Australia’s most experienced mechanical services contractor, conducted the mechanical installation at Pixel which has just been awarded the world’s highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating from the US Green Building Council.

Grocon’s Pixel building achieved 105 points out of a possible 110 and has now surpassed all 44,000 buildings in 120 countries that have used the LEED rating system.

Technology new to Australia was installed by James L. Williams, that included a natural gas-fired absorption heat pump chiller specially imported from Europe.
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James L. Williams is one of Australia’s largest services contractors, having been established in 1875 it is Australia’s most experienced services contractors. Since 1875 JLW has been involved....
The Middle East operation is centralised in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has been established through a partnership with James L Williams Holding Australia by Michael Boufarhat....